Christy Chung and Golden Zhang have gone public

The pair admitted to their relationship despite comments about their age gap, saying “age is not important” and “love knows no boundaries”

Christy Chung and Golden Zhang have gone public

Canadian-born actress Christy Chung and Chinese actor-singer Golden Zhang (also known as Zhang Lun Shuo) openly confirmed their relationship when they both spoke to the media together yesterday.

Although the “sexy goddess of Asia” has had two failed marriages thus far (first with actor Glen Ross and then with producer Jon Yen), she still hasn’t given up on love. The two were paired up on the dating series If You Love and were rumoured to have fallen in love over the duration of the show.

Early last month, the pair was photographed wearing couple outfits on a mountain climbing trip. Also, they appear to have good chemistry in photographs and often engage in physical contact.

Christy Chung and Golden Zhang have gone public

Christy, 44, admitted that she thinks Golden has a good sense of humour and said, “We both really suit each other. We both like exercise and race cars.”

Christy doesn’t think their 12-year age gap is an issue at all: “Love knows no boundaries. No matter the age or what country you’re from, the most important thing is that you’re a good match.”

Christy was told that netizens are questioning their age difference after seeing them on the show and she responded, “I don’t understand why people think this way… Why is it only appropriate for a 40-year-old woman to marry a 60-year-old man? Age is not important. What’s important is mutual love and understanding.”

When Christy revealed that Golden gets along very well with her three daughters, he added, “I am an only child and I don’t really have much interest in little children, but after getting to know her daughters, I really like them. They’re easily pacified.”

The media asked Golden if he was serious about Christy and he replied, “Yes, Christy is a perfect woman. When you have little children, you will know how to love right. Although we have an age gap, everyone just needs to get used to it. What’s important is that we love one another. Age has nothing to do with love. Love is an emotion.”

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