Christy Chung changes her daughters’ surnames to ‘Zhang’

The actress wanted them to take on her third husband, Golden Zhang’s last name

Christy Chung

Canadian-born actress Christy Chung was said to have recently legally changed all three of her daughters’ surnames to follow her third husband’s, Chinese actor Golden Zhang.

According to a source, the actress made the change for her three daughters, Yasmine, Jaden and Cayla, as she felt that Golden was a very good father figure to them. She also added that he had a very strong bond with all three of them and they got along very well.

7-year-old Cayla had even previously accompanied Golden on the fourth season of the Chinese reality show Where are we going, Dad? where the pair received plenty of compliments from the audience. Many felt that Golden knew how to look after children and said that he would be a good father in the future.

Golden and Christy also celebrated their one year wedding anniversary two days ago on Nov 8 where they took to their respective social media platforms to show their love for one another.

Christy posted a video of her getting a cake for Golden along with slideshows of their marriage on Weibo. Golden, on the other hand, sang a love song for her and joked that she should bear him a son quickly after she expressed that she was “getting old.”

The couple got married in an underwater themed wedding ceremony with matching mermaid themed invites last November.

Photo: PBE Media

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