Christy Chung, Golden Zhang refute rumours about their troubled marriage

The couple were said to have behaved coldly to one another

Christy Chung

Chinese actor Golden Zhang recently refuted claims that he and his wife, Canadian-born actress Christy Chung, were having marriage issues. He even defended her after she was slammed by netizens for looking “plumper,” and stepped up to express that “she was the best” no matter what.

Rumours of the couple’s marriage being in trouble surfaced after the two were spotted at the airport. Many commented that Golden not only appeared to be in a bad mood, but he was also on his phone the whole time and did not speak to Christy.

Christy Chung1

This lack of interaction caused many to speculate that the relationship between them had soured. Some even brought up Christy’s past two unsuccessful marriages before Golden and commented that she has shown her ‘true colours’ as a wife.

However, the couple took to Weibo two days ago to dismiss these claims and showed that they were still very much in love with one another.

“Don’t pay attention to false statements and move forward with a positive mindset. I hope that everyone will use love to bring the world together. One of the loves in my life would be my wife, Christy, the woman who I will always love and respect,” Golden wrote.

With regards to comments about her size, the actor also added that he “liked her the way she is now” and would “always continue to like her the same way in the future.”  He then attempted to lighten the mood by explaining that he was on his phone because he was playing a game and could not “abandon his virtual teammates.”

Christy’s simple reply of “I love you” and “You’re the best” gave the public confirmation that their marriage is still going strong.

Christy and Golden’s marriage was not looked upon favourably when they tied the knot in November last year  due to their 12-year age gap (Christy is 47 and Golden is 35) but Golden has always maintained that age was not an issue.

The 47-year-old actress also has three daughters from her previous marriages.

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