Christy Chung’s daughters send blessings for mother’s wedding

The two girls hurried their mother to give them a younger brother

Christy Chung’s daughters send blessings for mother’s wedding

Canadian-born actress Christy Chung’s daughters Cayla Yen and Jaden Yen, from her second marriage with Jon Yen, sent her an adorable video to send their blessings for their mother’s marriage.

The two girls said in the video: “Wishing Dad and Mum a happy marriage, [be] happy every day, we wish that you will have a lot of babies and we wish that Dad will take care of us, because we are one family”, followed by the, blowing kisses to the camera.

It seems that Christy’s children have already accepted Golden Zhang into the family and look upon him as a father figure. They also specially asked for Christy, who has three daughters, to ‘give them’ a younger brother.

Christy and Golden’s relationship was initially disapproved by their families and they also received backlash from the media and fans due to their 12-year age gap, but it didn’t daunt the couple, who claimed that love knows no boundaries. The couple continued to date for a year before Christy agreed to Golden’s wedding proposal in early June. 

The couple also flew to Bali to take their wedding photos and Christy has since released a series of them on her social media account. The wedding, which features an underwater theme, is set to be happening today in Beijing, China.

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