Chu Keliang’s body to be cremated

The Taiwanese entertainer’s official funeral will be held in June


It has been three days since Chu Keliang passed away due to liver failure, but celebrities are still streaming into the hall, where’s the entertainer’s body lies, to pay their respects to the 70-year-old.

Taiwanese celebrities Chang Fei and Hsing Feng, who turned up one after the other to pay their respects, coincidentally ran into each other at the funeral hall, and called it a surprise “reunion” between the trio (formed by Keliang, Chang Fei and Hsing Feng), just like old days.

Chang Fei also shared that he had originally wanted to approach Keliang to ask if he wanted to work together again, but, unfortunately, the latter passed away before he could put his plans into action. He also shared that he will continue to pass on the attitude and spirit of the entertainer in the future.

“I thought that it was way too tiring for him when he initially made his comeback, but even when he was bathed in the light of stardom, he never forgot his close ones, even calling for the return of Taiwanese singer Candy Shu. He’s someone who’s really worth imitating, someone who has the mind of an entertainer,” the singer shared.

Hsing Feng then added on to Chang Fei’s words, sharing that he had known Chu Keliang for many years, and that he had even carried the latter's Daughter Jeannie Hsieh when she was younger. He revealed that Keliang has really gone through a lot, and called upon the directors in Taiwan to film a movie titled The Legendary Saga of Chu Ge honouring the 70-year-old, with all profits going towards Keliang’s family.

Taiwanese singer Yu Tien turned up with his son to pay their respects as well

Celebrities like Taiwanese singers Chang Ti and Chang Hsiu-ching, Taiwanese actors Yang Chung-Hsien, Li Kuo Hong and Kuo Chi Chien, as well as Taiwanese actor-host Chris Wang also turned up to pay their respects.

Keliang was also often seen in temples before he passed away and formed a strong relationship with the head of a temple in Nantou, Taiwan, Wang Liji, after knowing each other for 25 years. Liji was inconsolable at the hall and burst into tears immediately.

She also mentioned that Keliang originally wanted to be buried, but decided against doing so as it would negatively affect his descendants. Thus, his family decided to cremate Keliang’s body, with his ashes set to be placed in a special lot for his clan. His official funeral will be held in early June.

Keliang was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2014, and his health was reported to have taken a turn for the worse earlier this month as the cancer cells spread to other parts of his body, including his liver, which caused his body to lose its ability to remove toxins from itself.

His cause of death is reported to have been complications due to liver failure, along with multiple organ failure after the cancer cells further spread to his abdominal cavity and lungs.

Photos: PBE Media

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