Cyndi Wang labels Yao Yuanhao a liar

She responded to his Facebook post with one of her own, calling him out for his wrongdoings

Cyndi Wang labels Yao Yuanhao a liar

It’s another day, another chapter to the Yao Yuanhao and Cyndi Wang saga that started over the resurfaced photo of Cyndi in a white slip and pink boy shorts. Previously, Yuanhao made a public post about how he felt that he was suffering in silence since the scandal started.

However, after he made the post, he changed his stance and made a statement through his agency that he will “hand this over to the lawyers to handle and I will no longer respond to this matter”.

In response to Yuanhao’s post, Cyndi took to Facebook, where she penned her thoughts in a long post. She admitted that what she regrets is “not reporting it to the police when I should have done so from the beginning”, and “not taking legal action when I should’ve done so.”

She added that she was unable to steel her heart to get her then-boyfriend, Yuanhao, involved in legal proceedings but did not expect things to snowball to such a large issue later on.

Cyndi added, “I have been waiting for an apology and a detailed explanation of how you’ll be taking responsibility”, but shared that she did not expect that Yuanhao “would tell lies against your conscience.”

“I don’t need to go to the police because everyone knows who’s in the picture and who took it. I don’t need to make a report for the culprit to be caught,” she said, and shared that she only hopes for him to “give both the media and I a proper explanation.”

The singer also stressed that this is not a ploy to get more publicity for her upcoming concert, sharing that there is no way for her to benefit from being in the centre of such a scandal.

Cyndi and Yuanhao dated for four years, breaking up thrice in between, but finally called it quits in February. Both parties have since moved on.

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