Cyndi Wang seeks help to remove ‘hair splinter’

The Taiwanese singer was in pain after a strand of hair was stuck under her skin

As bizarre as it sounds, hair splinters are a thing, and this happens when a strand of hair is imbedded deep into a person’s skin.

It feels as painful as it sounds, according to Taiwanese singer-actress Cyndi Wang, who talked about her painful episode with a ‘hair splinter’. She posted a picture of her feet with a one centimeter-long piece of hair wedged beneath the skin on social media and expressed her bewilderment.

“I could feel something prickling my feet when I was walking, when I took a closer look I discovered that I had a one centimeter-long hair imbedded in my feet,” she wrote.

The 35-year-old added that she had attempted to “push” and “squeeze” the strand of hair out of her skin and had no choice but to consult her dermatologist for help eventually as she was unable to remove it.

After seeing her post, fans left messages wishing her a speedy recovery. They also told her to take greater care of herself as bruise marks and injuries will show up very clearly against her pale skin.

Cyndi is currently working on a new album after completing her 2017 world tour, with the album slated for release in September.

Photo: PBE Media

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