Cyndi Wang spotted again with rumoured beau

The pair was seen having a meal together


Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang recently celebrated her 35th birthday in Singapore on September 5 and was witnessed having a late night meal at a seafood restaurant with Justin, the vice president of a technology company, just three days later. She had also been previously rumoured to be dating him, but her manager has since stepped out and refuted these claims.

The day Cyndi flew back to Taiwan, she immediately met up with Justin and the pair went for a meal at renowned Japanese restaurant Adachi, and stayed there till late at night.

The two of them then took the same cab and headed back but did not spend the night together. Cyndi headed into a bar while Justin simply waited at the side and exchanged a few words with her on the phone and left after ten minutes.

“Cyndi and Justin are not dating but just met up as friends that day for a simple gathering”, responded the singer’s manager.

Cyndi split from her boyfriend of four years, Yao Yuanhao, this February.

Photo: PBE Media

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