Dai Xiang Yu registers marriage with Chinese actress Chen Zi Han

The couple are likely to have their wedding ceremony in November or December

Dai Xiang Yu registers marriage with Chinese actress Chen Zi Han

Photos: Dai Xiang Yu’s Weibo, Channel 8

Chinese actor and Mediacorp artiste Dai Xiang Yu, 32, dropped a bombshell on his Weibo account this morning (May 19) – he has registered his marriage with 38-year-old Chinese actress Chen Zi Han, after popping the question to her yesterday.

The pair were introduced to one another by their manager Alex, and co-starred in dramas Singles Villa, The Girl Wearing Tassel Earrings and Demon Girl. They have been dating for over a year.

Speaking to Toggle in a phone interview on behalf of Xiang Yu, who was not personally available, Alex clarified that the couple were not rushed into marriage by any particular circumstance.

“Their feelings are more stable so they felt it was the right time (to get married),” he said, adding that the ceremony will most probably take place in Beijing in November or December this year.

Dai Xiang Yu registers marriage with Chinese actress Chen Zi Han

When asked if he thinks that Xiang Yu and Zi Han are compatible with each other, Alex replied, “She is six years older than him, but Xiang Yu is more mature and Zi Han sometimes acts like a little girl, so even though there is an age gap, their personalities are not that different.”

As for baby-making plans, Alex said that while that will come naturally, it is also up to fate and the right timing.

He added that while the couple will not reject the chance to work together again, it’s not something they will deliberately seek out. “It all depends on the suitability of the characters,” said Alex.

Xiang Yu, who used to be known as Dai Yang Tian before changing his name in 2013, was formerly based in Singapore before moving back to Shanghai in 2011. He rose to local fame as Yamamoto Yousuke in 2008’s The Little Nyonya, and won Best Newcomer at the 2009 Star Awards. His last Mediacorp dramas were The Quarters and Poetic Justice, both released in 2012. He recently made his Hollywood debut in Lost in the Pacific.

Dai Xiang Yu registers marriage with Chinese actress Chen Zi Han
Dai Xiang Yu with Jeanette Aw in 'The Little Nyonya'

UPDATE: Xiang Yu was kind enough to give us a call at about 3pm today to share us his personal thoughts on becoming a married man.

According to the actor, he knew that Zi Han was “The One” after seeing her for about a year.

“As you might know, it’s not easy for actors to date, but she’s willing to reduce her workload in order to spend more time with me, and she will come and see me when I’m working,” he gushed. “She also takes care of me in my daily life – which is something I’m not very good at – so I think she makes a suitable partner.”

He also revealed that Zi Han will be semi-retired after they tie the knot. “After we get married, her most important task would be to continue the family line,” he said with a laugh. Xiang Yu wants two children – a boy and a girl – and will “let nature take its course” for two years before actively trying (after all, Zi Han is not getting any younger, as he himself admitted).

While many details have yet to be confirmed, Xiang Yu hopes to have his wedding banquet in December this year. There will be about 30 tables for friends and family, as well as additional space for the media. He has enlisted the services of one of the country’s top wedding planners for the big day.

It looks like we can look forward to a stellar guest list at his nuptials as well: Xiang Yu said he will invite famous friends such as Huang Xiao Ming and Angelababy, as well as Singapore-based Chinese artistes Ian Fang and Jeffrey Xu.

“If I see them I will let them know about my wedding, then it’s up to them whether they want to come,” he said.

Dai Xiang Yu registers marriage with Chinese actress Chen Zi Han

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