David Tao admits to cheating after marriage

David Tao confessed to cheating on his wife with Yang Zi Qing in June this year

David Tao admits to cheating after marriage

Taiwanese singer-songwriter David Tao’s alleged cheating affair with Yang Zi Qing has been talk of the town since the latter shared evidence of their chat logs with each other one week ago. In the conversation, an unnamed woman and a person named “David” called each other “baby” and they even arranged for a meet-up in a hotel in Beijing to do what they referred to as “you know what”.

After maintaining a no comment stance for the past few days, David, who married his wife Penny Jiang in August last year, held a formal press conference this afternoon to clarify speculations and reports about his affair. 

In the 40-minute session, which was not attended by his wife, he came clean about cheating on her after they got married.

David Tao admits to cheating after marriage

“Yes, I derailed even after my marriage… I admit to having sexual intercourse before marriage with Miss Yang. I contacted her occasionally, but I only met up with her once after marriage on June 19 in Chengdu (China),” said David. “I will not try to hide from this. No matter how or why it happened, I have done wrong and I feel very sorry and ashamed.”

During the press conference, he also revealed that he has explained everything to Penny and her parents, “I know that they are angry and can’t believe it, but are also very sad and disappointed in me.”

“Penny, thank you for forgiving me. To my mother and father-in-law, I’m sorry for bringing you shame. Mum, I’m sorry for disappointing you, but thank you very much for never leaving me and always giving me love,” he continued.

As a public figure, David acknowledged that he has the “responsibility to clear this up face to face although this is a private matter”. At the end of it, he thanked his fans and friends for their support and his staff for their hard work.

According to Hong Kong’s Apple Daily, reporters were strictly banned from asking more questions after the event was over.

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