David Tao hopes to make both music and babies in Singapore

He explained why he and his wife are seriously considering moving to our little red dot

David Tao hopes to make both music and babies in Singapore

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David Tao is no stranger to our shores - he might have held his last full-scale concert here eight years ago, but since then, he has visited Singapore both for work and pleasure. His last official visit here was last September for Thong Chai Charity Night 2017.

This time, however, his fans will be in for a treat as he will take the stage for a full concert. Speaking to Toggle a day before his concert, which will take place tonight, he let on that he originally told the organisers that it would be a 90-minute concert, but decided that he “had to add on a couple more songs, and thankfully, they were very open to me extending the set list.”

After more than two decades in showbiz, the 48-year-old admitted that he does sometimes “get sick of my own title songs” such as ‘Ai Hen Jian Dan’ and ‘Regular Friends’, especially since he sings them so often. However, once he looks at his audience, their passion and them singing along with him gives him the boost that reminds him of why he loves music and singing so much.

Speaking of music, it’s been a good five years since his last full-length studio album, Hello Goodbye, was released. David sheepishly admitted that he knows that he takes “quite a bit of time” in between albums, but declared that his next one is already in the pipeline, and will hopefully be released within the year.

While production on the album hasn’t quite started per se, David revealed that he is in discussions with his company to record the album outside of Taiwan. “I’m really familiar with Taiwan. My recording studio is here, my company is here, and so on,” he mused. “I’ve told them that I’m considering recording my music somewhere else, because if I step out of my comfort zone, there might be a new side of my music too.”

David Tao hopes to make both music and babies in Singapore
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Two of the countries on his potential hit-list are Singapore and the United States. “I’m very familiar with these two places; I’ve been there many times, and my wife, Penny, has also become familiar with them after visiting them with me,” he shared. “But it’s not as simple as saying, ‘I want to move there’, buying a house and calling it a day. There’s a lot to consider, so we’ll have to see how things pan out.”

While we were on the topic of Penny, whom David tied the knot with in 2014, David admitted that although they have been married for almost four years, he has yet to write a song specially dedicated to her. 

“When my dad passed away, people started to ask me if I wrote a song for him. I don’t think you necessarily need to dedicate songs to a specific person, but if you ask me if I’ll ever write a song for Penny, I’ll say yes, it’s possible that I will do so in future,” he smiled.

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