David Tao plans to raise his kids in Singapore

The singer shared that both he and his wife have visited multiple times and like our little red dot “very much”

David Tao plans to raise his kids in Singapore

Photos: Camelia Ting
Additional photos: David Tao/Instagram

David Tao popped by Singapore two weekends ago for the Thong Chai Charity Show 2017, where he, together with other local and regional stars, joined hands to raise S$8.86 million for charity.

Ahead of his performance, he spoke to Toggle in an interview and shared, among other things, why he thinks it’s “very likely” that he and his wife may raise their future children in Singapore, along with their reasons behind the decision.

David Tao plans to raise his kids in Singapore

David is already an owner of an apartment in Singapore

While the 48-year-old is still based in Taiwan, did you know that he owns an apartment here, where he lives during his frequent visits?

“I already have an apartment here, but I want to buy a bigger place in the future. That’s because we’ll need more space in the future if my wife Penny decides to move here too. We haven’t made the decision on whether or not we’ll really relocate to Singapore, but this is one of the options we have on our list,” he explained.

David has yet to begin on his hunt for the perfect love nest for him and his wife, but he did mention that ideally, his new home will be located in one of the following areas: Orchard, Tanglin or Newton (District 9, 10 and 11 respectively).

Before you accuse him of being unnecessarily atas (posh), there’s a good reason for his choice. The loving husband explained, “My wife still doesn’t drive, so I hope that our home can be near to the city area so that it’s more convenient for her to travel around.”

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