David Tao’s ex-girlfriend claims he is a cheater

David Tao has been accused of cheating on his wife less than a year after he got married

David Tao’s ex-girlfriend claims he is a cheater

After exposing intimate bedroom photos with her ex-boyfriend Taiwanese actor-singer Lee Wei last week, Yang Zi Qing made headlines again yesterday for exposing her other past boyfriend Taiwanese singer-songwriter David Tao as a cheater.

A few LINE chat screenshots suspected to be evidence of 45-year-old David’s affair was circulated on the Internet last week, showing the conversations between an unnamed woman and a person named “David”. In the chat, both parties called each other “baby” and they even arranged for a meet-up in a hotel in Beijing to do what they referred to as “you know what”.

On chat, David asked the woman if she wanted to book a hotel room and when she said that she couldn’t, he spammed her with six messages until she finally agreed to it.

David Tao’s ex-girlfriend claims he is a cheater

The mystery woman was revealed to be Zi Qing, who personally accepted an interview where she showed the chat logs on her phone, proving that she was the woman talking to David. In the interview, Zi Qing admitted to being a third party who dated David.

She also played an audio file of David speaking in a thick American-born-Chinese accent: “You can go seduce other men, but you shouldn’t mess with them, baby.”

When asked about how they met, Zi Qing explained that they met at his concert’s celebratory dinner in 2010, after which David began to chase her. She claimed that when David got married, he told her that it was his “mother’s orders” and that he still wanted Tiffany as his girlfriend even up to his wedding day. Tiffany added that she tried to ignore his calls, but eventually gave in and answered his persistent calling.

David Tao’s ex-girlfriend claims he is a cheater

Following this, David issued a statement: “Since the day I met [my wife] Penny [Jiang] until today, I’ve been very open with her and she is aware about all my ex and current relationships. This includes my relationship with Yang Zi Qing. Penny was the one who informed me about the screenshots being released.”

“After I married Penny, Zi Qing and I still maintain a normal friendship, but we seldom chat anymore. I deeply apologise for causing all of you to worry. I’ve issued this brief statement just to say that we are all fine. Thank you for your concern everyone. I also want to wish Zi Qing all the best,” continued David.

Penny, whom David married last August, posted a sweet couple photo of her and David on Facebook yesterday, which people suspect was a subtle assertion of her strong relationship with David.

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