David Tao’s wife sparks pregnancy rumours with chubby midriff

The Mandopop singer denies his wife is pregnant

Penny Jiang, David Tao

Penny Jiang, 29, was seen on Tuesday shopping in Taipei’s Eastern District and her round belly set off rumours that she was pregnant, but her husband, Mandopop singer David Tao, 46, has denied through his manager that they were expecting.

“She’s really not pregnant, she’s just in a happy mood,” his manager said. “She’s been flying to Beijing and Shanghai with David lately.”

It’s been four months since the singer was involved in a notorious extra-marital affair scandal, and he has said before that he wants to have four children with Penny and will work hard to save their marriage.

Penny’s father has also denied his daughter was with child, saying, “If she is, we’ll tell you.” And as for his prodigal son-in-law, Mr Jiang said, “Young people will make mistakes, so give him a chance, he’s changed for the better now.”

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