Dee Hsu’s youngest daughter inherits her sense of humour

Netizens commented that she has even surpassed her mother


Dee Hsu has always shared her family life, including details about her three daughters, Elly, 12, Lily, 10, and Alice, 7, on her various social media platforms. Her daughters, who have been exposed to the public since a young age, are comfortable enough to be themselves, which have given netizens insight on what the girls are really like.

On July 8, Dee uploaded a video on Facebook with the caption, “Comparing who’s more annoying with my youngest girl ~ I think she won this contest.” In the video, which lasted just over a minute, Dee first praised herself saying that she’s “the most famous celebrity on the planet. I’m really talented, I can host, sing, dance and act – basically, nothing is too difficult for me!”

Panning over to Alice, the little girl copied her mother’s way of talking, adding on, “I can cook really delicious food, it’s super delicious! I can draw too, and I’m really really good at it. I’m so good that I’m ranked first. I can sing too!”

During her monologue, Alice also continuously flicked her shoulder-length hair in an attempt to look even more like a diva, which tickled netizens to no end.

Many of the comments praised the little girl for being brave enough to record such a video despite her tender age, with others remarking that Alice is even better than her mother when it comes to her sense of humour and her variety wit. “I can’t wait for her to grow up and become a variety show host!” another person remarked.

Photo: PBE Media

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