Dilraba Dilmurat withdraws from 6th season of ‘Keep Running’

The Chinese actress will not continue on the show due to scheduling conflict


On February 11, Chinese variety show Keep Running shared on Weibo a dedication video to cast member Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat, and announced that she will be pulling out of the 6th season of the show, due to conflicts in schedule.

In the video, the Keep Running production crew presented Dilraba with a photobook documenting her journey with the cast, drawing tears from the actress as she revisited the memories from the past season.

Dilraba took to Weibo later in the day to confirm the news and express her feelings. She wrote, “I will continue to call my family [Keep Running cast members]. Let’s shout it out one more time, Keep Running, family!”

As Dilraba joined the cast in Season 5 of the show to replace cast member Chinese model Angelababy who was pregnant at that time, netizens suspect that she was removed from the cast in the upcoming season to make way for the model, who has since returned to the show post-pregnancy.

Angelababy responded to the official announcement of Dilraba’s departure on the same day over Weibo.

“Xiao Di [Dilraba], we are not saying goodbye. Welcoming you home always, we are family!” the 28-year-old model wrote, dispelling all rumours that the two are not on good terms.

Chinese actor Deng Chao, leader of Keep Running cast, also left a heartwarming goodbye message for the actress on his Weibo.

“Xiao Di [Dilraba], don’t forget your keys. Your food is in the fridge, remember to warm them up before having it. We are just going out for a spin, and will be back soon,” he wrote, portraying his fatherly side.

Photo: PBE Media

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