Doctor rejects Andy Lau’s request to be discharged

The Heavenly King will be spending his Chinese New Year holiday in hospital


Hong Kong actor Andy Lau may have to spend Chinese New Year in the hospital, as his request to be discharged from the hospital was said to be rejected by his doctor last week (Jan 21). The actor experienced swelling at his back after he suffered fractures at his pelvic bone from being thrown off a horse on set last week (Jan 17), and was not allowed to be discharged before the swelling subsided.

According to information from an insider, the actor has been relying on painkillers to cope with the discomfort since he arrived at the hospital after he touched down in Hong Kong from Thailand last Wednesday (Jan 18), and there were even instances where he woke up in pain in the middle of the night after the medicine wore off.

Andy is predicted to make a recovery in six months as his wounds would require at least three months to heal before he will be able to undergo physiotherapy and then return to work gradually. The cost of the actor’s treatment was said to amount up to HKD5 million (approximately S$920,000).

In light of his injuries, the 55 year-old actor cancelled his upcoming fan meet and also confirmed that he will not be attending promotional activities for movie Shock Wave in April. He wrote on his fan page, “Although I won’t be able to join everyone to partake in the festive occasion this year, I’ll be sending well wishes as always, there’s no distance between us! Stay happy”.

Photos: PBE Media

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