Edison Chen quietly confirms birth of daughter

The singer-actor posted a picture of a pair of baby shoes on his Instagram


After months of radio silence and the occasional outburst against the paparazzi, Hong Kong singer-actor Edison Chen has finally broken his self-imposed silence regarding the rumours that his Chinese model girlfriend, Qin Shupei, had given birth to his child, a daughter, in America.

Last Friday (July 14), the 36-year-old uploaded a picture of a pair of floral pink baby sneakers onto his Instagram page, captioning it, “EVEN I CANT HAVE THESE (sic),” along with three baby angel emojis.

According to industry insiders, the happy couple held a full-month party for their little bundle of joy in mid-June, with a picture of Edison grinning from ear to ear while cradling a baby girl, together with Shupei and a number of unnamed guests making the rounds online. After scrutinising the photo, netizens deduced that the baby girl was named “Alaia”, with a paper banner behind the family proclaiming “Alaia’s 100” as their proof.


The picture is said to have been leaked online by Edison’s friend, incurring the wrath of the singer-actor, who presumably wanted to keep the news of Alaia under wraps. Thus, Edison’s post on Instagram took his fans by surprise, who immediately began leaving comments hoping for Edison to reveal the face of his daughter as well.

Edison and Shupei’s relationship was revealed last year when they were spotted smooching on the streets. The singer-actor confirmed the news and admitted that he was “very happy now” and even went on a tirade against Lin Chiling on Shupei’s behalf, claiming that Chiling had sabotaged Shupei’s work opportunities.

Photos: PBE Media

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