Ella Chen dedicates appreciation post to her members

This post came just after S.H.E’s 16th anniversary celebrations


Taiwanese girl group S.H.E recently had a live broadcast to celebrate their 16th anniversary since their debut. Member Ella Chen followed up by posting a picture of the other members, Selina Jen and Hebe Tien, on her Facebook on Tuesday (Sept 12) and reminisced about the years that the trio spent together.

Ella revealed that the ending of the broadcast was similar to the ending of their concerts, where she was always left feeling very grateful. She could not wait to show her gratitude to the members by posting a picture of barefaced Selina and Hebe posing alongside her 5-month-old son, decorated with many emojis and stickers.

“16 years have flown by just like that and the three of us have grown up now. However, nothing has changed much and we are still as close as ever,” captioned the singer.

She also added that the story of the three of them is “unfinished” and expressed how fortunate she felt that her members were always there to support her and give her strength.

Selina and Hebe have been by Ella’s side since the birth of her son, even accompanying her during her delivery.

Photos: PBE Media

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