Ella Chen discharged from hospital

The new mother is now at a confinement centre

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Taiwanese singer-actress Ella Chen is finally home from the hospital, with her baby boy, nicknamed Strong Baby and husband Alvin Lai in tow.

The 35-year-old’s baby boy, Strong Baby was born on Tuesday last week (April 12), but had to be hooked up to a ventilator as meconium and amniotic fluid had entered the baby’s lungs during childbirth.

Thankfully, he have recovered from it and Ella took to her Facebook to post an update on behalf of her son. “I’m healthy now, [with] a strong head. I’m especially thankful to the uncles and aunties in the hospital for their dedicated care, so that I can go with my mum and dad to the confinement centre,” Ella wrote, taking on the persona of her son.

Ella also shared that her family of four now has matching nicknames, with her nickname being “Milk Baby due to her abundance of breast milk, while her husband, as well as her beloved pooch answer to “Old Baby” and “Pudding Baby” respectively.

Ella confirmed that she was pregnant in October, and shared a month later that she was expecting a boy. She tied the knot with her Malaysian businessman husband Alvin Lai over four years ago, and she has regularly kept her fans updated about her blissful wedded life.

Photos: PBE Media

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