Ella Chen recounts “bloody” birth experience

The singer gave birth to her first child in April


It has been almost three months since Taiwanese singer Ella Chen welcomed her first child, a boy, and the new mother finally shared the story of her delivery experience in an interview.

Ella shared that other than her husband, Alvin Lai and fellow S.H.E members Hebe Tien and Selina Jen, she wanted to also invite her relatives to witness her water birth. Unfortunately, the singer could not follow through her plans to do a water birth as her cervix was still too thick during labour.

She eventually opted for natural delivery, which according to her, resulted in “a bloody scene.” Selina and Hebe were on the verge of leaving the room, but decided to stay and rough it out with Ella because they “could not miss out” on the birth of her first child.


“Giving birth is so painful and difficult, I couldn’t help but glare at my baby when I first saw his face,” the 36 year-old singer said jokingly. 

Although she didn’t cry when she first held her child, tears welled up in her eyes, said Ella. “I thought I would cry but I kept it inside. Crying is for sad moments, [I had] tears of joy so it merely welled up in my eyes”.

Hebe on the other hand burst out crying when she saw the baby, she even joked that she was the baby’s “biological mother” whereas Ella was just a “surrogate mother.”

The pain was not over after delivery, as the singer also suffered from blocked ducts in her breasts and had to rely on the nurse’s help to pump the breastmilk out or risk being diagnosed with acute mastitis (inflammation of breast tissue caused by infections).

Now that the baby is almost three months old, the singer often treats her followers to anecdotes from her daily life with her baby son and thoughts about motherhood. She most recently posted about her work trip to Malaysia with her husband and son in tow.

Photos: PBE Media

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