Ella Chen shares her thoughts on filial piety

It’s not reserved for special occasions only, says the singer

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Pregnancy sure is treating Taiwanese singer-actress and S.H.E member Ella Chen well.

The 35-year-old, who is currently nine months pregnant, took to Facebook to upload a video of her late-night musings on filial piety recently.

In the video, the singer-actress, who is lying in bed, looks as slim as ever, with netizens praising her beauty. Upon seeing the comments, Ella hilariously said, “[Yes], I look very pretty, so pretty that I have no friends”.

In the video, she divulged that she feels a child is filial when they do not cause their family to feel burdened or stressed.

“If I [as a child] have the ability to take care of the vulnerable and weak, or the power to [positively] influence those around me, then the parents should feel even more accomplished than me, [ as the credit lies with them].”

The singer-actress also let on that she feels that being filial is not just “what you do on special occasions.”

Instead, it’s little things that you do in your daily life. Constantly putting your parents in your heart, and caring for them, [that is what being filial is to me],” Ella mused.

Ella tied the knot with her husband, Malaysian businessman Alvin Lai close to five years ago. They are expecting their first child, a boy, who is due to be born in the first half of this year.

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