Ella Chen suffered from postpartum depression

The singer-actress shared that she has since returned to her cheery self

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After returning from a work trip to Malaysia together with her businessman husband, Alvin Lai, and their 2-month-old baby son, nicknamed ‘Strong Baby’, Taiwanese singer-actress Ella Chen made an appearance at an event, where she she fielded questions from reporters regarding her life as a new parent.

The 36-year-old revealed that while she was doing her confinement, there was a period where she looked out at the balcony of her room, and briefly imagined what would happen if she took Strong Baby out to the balcony, and “accidentally dropped him down.”

After recounting the chilling experience, Ella was quick to reassure everyone that she has since returned to her cheery self, and that if she’ll only start thinking about trying for a second child at least 18 months later.


As Ella and her husband take turns to care for Strong Baby in shifts, Ella was asked if she had ever clashed with him over their differing childcare methods.

The singer-actress candidly replied that it’s impossible for a couple not to clash, and recounted an experience where she had blown up in anger over a comment from Alvin.

Ella shared that she had woken up from her sleep due to Strong Baby’s movements in his sleep, and as a mother, she immediately went to hug the baby to comfort him, only for Alvin to say, “Do be like this, this is not how you raise a child!”

Once she heard what Alvin had said, Ella immediately flared up and thought to herself, “What’s is [wrong] with you! [Are you an] expert in childcare!”. However, she later found out that it is good to bring up a child using different methods, and that she had once read a newspaper report that kids who are brought up by their fathers tend to be smarter, as they tend not to cater to the child’s every whim, increasing the child’s adaptability.

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