Ella reveals her fears of being a mother

The singer shared that her 7-month-old son, Daniel, was growing up very fast and had already begun learning how to crawl

Ella Chen

S.H.E singer Ella Chen recently posted a video of her 7-month old son, Daniel, learning to crawl, on Facebook two days ago and also shared the two things that scared her the most as a mother.

In the video, Daniel was wearing an animal print diaper, crawling on the carpet to the sofa at the end of the room. As he was still learning how to crawl, he would occasionally lose his balance and lie on the floor. However, the persistent baby refused to give up and gave the floor a violent hit before garnering more energy and carrying on forward till he reached the sofa.

The 36-year-old mother also expressed that her mood had changed drastically after her birth, with her experiencing more feelings of fear and love.

“Even though I may not be too familiar with Daniel at first, I knew that I loved him with all my heart. However, this has caused me to worry a lot more for him and one of my fears would be for him not to love me back. The other would be his safety as I am also constantly afraid that he would be in danger,” Ella wrote.

However, despite all her worries, the singer’s greatest wish was still for Daniel to “grow up into a healthy and happy adult.”

Ella tied the knot with her Malaysian businessman husband Alvin Lai five years ago and regularly keeps fans updated about her family life.  

Photo: PBE Media

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