Face, name of ‘Baby Chou’ revealed 100 days after her birth

‘We’ll be behind you forever,’ Hannah Quinlivan writes on Weibo

Baby Chou

Fans dying to know what “Baby Chou” looks like are in luck. To mark 100 days since the infant's birth, Hannah Quinlivan posted a photo of Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou’s daughter, named Hathaway, on Weibo yesterday.

Though the snap only shows the infant’s eyes and forehead, fans gushed about how long Baby Chou’s eyelashes are, and agreed that she looked quite Eurasian and likely resembled her mother more.

Hannah wrote on Weibo: “Dear Hathaway, you’re almost 100 days old! Daddy and Mummy are so happy to see you grow day by day, thank you for bringing more joy and responsibility to our lives. We hope you’ll gain a positive outlook on life, so that you can face all the challenges life will throw at you and be brave in making every major decision.”

“Dear, remember we’ll be behind you forever. Hope you can grow with happiness, joy and love. Be happy and healthy, and grow up without worries. Thank you all for your gifts these few months, and now it’s our turn to hand out presents to mark 100 days.”

Jay and Hannah have been fiercely protective of Baby Chou since she was born, and until yesterday photos of the infant’s face had never been made public.

Jay Chou

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