Face of Alyssa Chia’s firstborn revealed

Her daughter’s face has always been masked and mosaicked in family pictures


Alyssa Chia’s sister-in-law, Taiwnaese actress Amanda Chu, accidentally revealed the actress’ firstborn, Angelina Sun’s face recently, on her Facebook page. Said picture of Amanda and Angelina was taken at the latter’s birthday celebration last weekend, and Angelina’s face was not masked or mosaicked like it usually is in Alyssa’s pictures of her family.

“Having seen you grown from a cute little child to a beautiful young girl gives me mixed feelings. I wish you a smooth-sailing journey in your future studies, be happy always. Keep it up, darling! We love you! Happy birthday,” Amanda wrote.

Amanda Chu with Alyssa Chia's daughter, Angelina Sun.

As this is the first time Angelina’s face is revealed in pictures, netizens are concerned about the repercussions it might bring forth. Due to Alyssa’s divorce agreement with her ex-husband and Angelina’s dad, Sun Zhihao, she is at risk of facing legal action if she brings Angelina to promotional events and television shows and if she leaves the country for work for more than five days.

At a promotional event yesterday, Alyssa took the opportunity to clarify that Amanda’s post “is not a legal issue because it was posted by her aunt and not me.” The 42-year-old actress also commented on Angelina’s foray into social media and shared that she intends to educate her daughter on keeping healthy social media habits.

Similarly, Alyssa’s daughter also tried to allay fears of fans who are worried that Amanda’s picture would land the actress in trouble. “Thank you everyone for your concern. Don’t worry. Uncle [and] aunty, I love you,” she wrote.

Angelina Sun with her younger sister, Bubu.

The 12-year-old has been posting pictures of her and her younger sister, Bubu, on various social media platforms too. She introduced herself as “Bubu’s older sister” and appeared unfazed about showing her face in public.

Alyssa was once accused of practicing favouritism between her daughters when netizens questioned her act of mosaicking Angelina’s face. She and Taiwan actor Xiu Jiakai have two daughters together – Bubu, who was born in 2015 and Bobo, who was born in March this year.

Photos: PBE Media

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