Fan Bingbing gets mistaken for Li Bingbing

The actress says that fans often get confused between her and her namesake actress

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing (left) is often confused with her namesake actress, Chinese actress Li Bingbing (right)
According to reports, when Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was in France recently for the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, a fan approached her with a picture of fellow actress Li Bingbing and asked for her signature.

Feeling awkward about the mix-up, the 36-year-old actress simply skipped over the confused fan and continued giving autographs to other fans present.

According to Chinese media, she explained, “When such things happen, I don’t intentionally avoid it, nor do I let it bother me too much. Our names are really similar so it’s normal for people to get confused between us. I’ve been friends with [Li] Bingbing for a long time, so we’re not awkward about such things.”

She added that Li Bingbing is often wrongly addressed as well, and said that they are already used to it.

At a corporate event yesterday (May 10), Li Bingbing, who is known for her down-to-earth personality, told the media that it is a “very normal” occurrence in their daily lives. “We’ve always been living this way,” she said.

Upon hearing her answer, netizens praised the 45-year-old actress for being honest and open-minded about the mix-up, instead of taking it personally.

Photo: PBE Media

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