Fan Bingbing splurges on cosmeceutical products

The Chinese actress reportedly spent approximately S$8,600 at one go


Chinese actress Fan Bingbing reportedly spent 700,000 yen (approximately S$8,600) in a single setting on cosmeceutical products, while shopping in Tokyo, Japan.

The 36-year-old actress was recently spotted by netizens shopping in a pharmaceutical shop dressed in casual wear, and was carefully examining each product before buying them. 


Known in showbiz for her fair and clear skin, Bingbing frequently shares skincare tips and her favourite skincare products on social media accounts with fans. The actress even once joked that she will have to stock up on the products after recommending them, for fear that they will run out when fans start buying them.

When the actress’ huge spending was revealed, some netizens quipped that “life is great with money” and that for Bingbing,“RMB 40,000 (approximately S$8,345) is just like RMB 4 (approximately S$0.83)”.

Others however, felt that there was nothing wrong as the actress was spending her own hard-earned money.

Photos: PBE Media

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