Faye Wong holds charity auction

Her youngest daughter’s drawing fetched the most money out of all the items auctioned

Faye Wong

Chinese singer Faye Wong brought her daughters Leah Dou and Li Yan to attend the ‘Smile Angel Foundation’ charity event on Saturday (Sep 23). The public were shocked when they found out that 11-year-old Li Yan’s calligraphy drawing of four Chinese characters was auctioned off at a high price of RMB $260,000 (approximately S$53,100)

Faye and her ex-husband Li Yapeng established the ‘Smile Angel Foundation’ in 2006 after it was confirmed that their daughter, Li Yan, was born with a congenital cleft lip (birth defects where a baby’s lip or mouth do not form properly during pregnancy). Due to the severity of her situation, the necessary surgeries were not available in China, causing the couple to seek treatment in America. The foundation was hence created to assist children with clefts.

The pair held the charity dinner together with an auction on Saturday, where all proceeds would go to the treatment of children with cleft lips and palates. Many notable celebrities such as Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy, Jacky Wu and Xie Nan, were also present at the event to auction off their items.

However it was 11-year-old Li Yan’s calligraphy drawing of two Chinese words ‘Faith’ and her name inscribed on it that was a crowd favourite. The drawing went through 30 rounds of bidding before being sold for a price of RMB $260,000, a considerably high amount as compared to her mother’s handwritten scripture and autographed poster which only fetched RMB $70, 201 (approximately S$14,000).

Faye Wong1

Items put up for auctioned by her other family members also paled in comparison: Yapeng’s personal camera was auctioned for RMB $3,000 (approximately S$611), while Leah’s autographed water bottle and a chance to drink her homemade coffee fetched RMB $1,000 (approximately S$200).

Photos: PBE Media

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