Faye Wong’s daughter is the spitting image of her dad

The mother-daughter duo went on a shopping trip recently


Hong Kong singer Faye Wong recently went on a mother-daughter shopping trip together with her younger daughter, 11-year-old Li Yan. Pictures of the two of them at a kids fashion store soon popped up online, taken by passer-bys who had recognised the singer and her daughter.

In the pictures, the two can be seen sitting down on a bench, with Faye using her phone. Beside her, Li Yan, who was wearing a black cap and a pair of sunglasses, seemed to be exasperated by the long wait as she slouched and stared into space.

Amused, netizens laughed that Li Yan’s body language was similar to that of a “bored boyfriend who hates going shopping."

Some of them also pointed out that the 11-year-old’s facial features resembled her father, Chinese actor Li Yapeng, who split from Faye in 2013.

Faye and Yapeng were married from 2005 to 2013 and welcomed their daughter, Li Yan, in 2006. Faye has another daughter, Leah, who was born in 1997 during her marriage to Dou Wei. She is currently believed to be dating Nicholas Tse.

Photos: PBE Media

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