Faye Wong’s daughter Leah Dou ‘not close’ to Nicholas Tse?

Leah Dou makes appearance on Nicholas Tse’s film set

Faye Wong’s daughter Leah Dou ‘not close’ to Nicholas Tse?

After what was dubbed as the reunion of the century, Hong Kong multi hyphenate Nicholas Tse and Chinese singer Faye Wong have gotten back together for slightly more than two years now, ever since their first relationship from 2000 to 2002. The couple have recently been fending off rumours of them planning an end of year wedding.

Faye Wong’s daughter from her first marriage with musician Dou Wei, Leah Dou, has also expressed her acceptance of the relationship, as long as Faye is happy. Coincidentally, she fancied her mother’s Cantonese song, Vertigo, which was written by Nicholas. She also added that she did not have a close relationship with Nicholas and has never attended his concerts before.

However, pictures of their brotherly meet up on the set of Nicholas’ culinary show, Chef Nic, have shown otherwise. The two exchanged hugs upon meeting and proceeded to chat over a cigar and cigarettes like a pair of ‘bros’.

Faye Wong’s daughter Leah Dou ‘not close’ to Nicholas Tse?

Nicholas once even considered signing Leah to his company as he saw potential in her musical talent, but was rejected by Leah as she didn’t want the focus of her singing debut to be diverted to her mother’s relationship. Leah eventually signed the contract offered by her mother’s agent, Chen Jiaying. Leah’s first album, Stone Café, was released early this year.

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