Faye Wong’s daughter posts picture of mystery man on Instagram

Leah Dou posted a suggestive caption with a picture of a mysterious man


The eldest daughter of Chinese singer Faye Wong, Leah Dou, caused a stir among netizens when she uploaded a picture of an unknown man on Weibo on Chinese Valentine’s day yesterday (Aug 28), and leaving a heart as the caption of the image.

20-year-old Leah who appears to be following in her mother’s footsteps, started her singing career a few years back. So far, she has already won two awards such as the “QQ New Female Artist of the Year” and the “QQ Most Searched Artist of the Year” in 2016. Her songs are mostly in English and she has recently released her first album, Stone Café early last year, making her mark in the music industry and gaining a fair share of followers.

These followers were the ones who pointed out that the picture of the mysterious man was not only uploaded on Weibo but also on her Instagram account. As she usually posts different pictures on either account in the past, this fueled speculations that the man in the pictures was her boyfriend.

The mystery man can be seen wearing a ring on his index finger in the picture and netizens quickly matched this ring to one that Leah had previously been seen wearing in an earlier picture of her and Faye, with the ring even at the same placement. This led fans to conclude that the two were in a relationship.


Faye welcomed Leah from her first marriage with musician Dou Wei and she also has a second daughter, Li Yan, born in 2006 from her second marriage to Chinese actor Li Yapeng. Faye and Yapeng divorced in 2013 and she is currently seeing Nicholas Tse.

Photos: PBE Media

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