Faye Wong spotted with her ex-husband Li Yapeng

However, her boyfriend Nicholas Tse was nowhere in sight

Faye Wong

Chinese singer Faye Wong was recently spotted with her ex-husband, fellow actor Li Yapeng, after the two showed up to a birthday celebration of a mutual friend, Ma Ling, yesterday. However it seemed that she did not invite her boyfriend, Nicholas Tse, to be her plus one as he was not present at the event.

As Ma Ling was the wife of Chinese actor Jing Gangshan, she had several close friends from the showbiz industry, who also showed up at the party such as Hu Jun, Wu Xiu Bo, Liao Fan, and Na Ying. Yapeng also made the guest list as she was his previous manager.

An insider source revealed that despite splitting on good terms, Faye did not interact with Yapeng the entire night but instead, hung out with Na Ying. She was seen laughing and playing games with Na Ying and seemed to be enjoying herself very much.

Faye and Yapeng called it quits in 2013 after eight years of marriage. The singer hinted that the separation was amicable as she announced on Weibo that “even though they were no longer together, she still wished him all the best.”

The pair have an 11-year-old daughter, Li Yan together, and the three of them can often be seen at events held by their jointly established charity, ‘Smile Angel Foundation.’

The singer has been dating Nicholas Tse since 2014, 12 years after their separation in 2002. She also has an elder daughter, 20-year-old Leah Dou from her first marriage.

Photo: PBE Media

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