Faye Wong, Zhou Xun cross paths in a ‘battle of the exes’

The duo, who had both dated Chinese actor Li Yapeng, guested together on a reality show


What do Chinese A-listers Faye Wong and Zhou Xun have in common? It turns out that the duo both count Chinese actor, Li Yapeng among their exes, with Zhou Xun dating Yapeng for a number of years. After their breakup, Yapeng dated and eventually married Faye in 2005. The couple later divorced in 2013.

Zhou Xun recently guested on the reality show, PhantaCity, which Faye co-hosts, with a promotional clip released online to drum up anticipation for its broadcast. In the video, the duo make their grand entrance together, with wide smiles on their faces.

Later, co-host He Jiong asks them, “How did the each of you decide that the other was someone that you could befriend?”, to which Zhou Xun replies, “Its just that I glanced at her once more, amidst the crowds,” quoting a lyric from Chinese singer Li Jian’s 2003 song, ‘Legend’, which Faye famously covered in 2010.


Taking the lead from Zhou Xun, Faye continued on with lyrics from her 2001 song, ‘Passing Years’, quipping that the two of them were akin to ‘enemies on a narrow path, who, in the very end, can’t avoid each other’. 

After the video was posted online, revealing the good relationship between Faye and Zhou Xun, netizens began leaving comments, sharing that the broadcast  "is definitely a must-see”.

Photos: PBE Media

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