Fei Yu Ching’s father passes away at the age of 96

The singer did not manage to see him for the last time due to his schedule

Fei Yu Ching

Taiwanese singers Chang Fei and Fei Yu Ching’s father Chang Wu-hsi passed away last week on Sep 21 at the age of 96. It was revealed that Chang Fei had already known about the news but did not mention it to Yu Ching until a few days later.

Wu-hsi passed away peacefully at home on Thursday, due to his old age and his weak kidneys and organs. His great-grandchildren, son and daughter-in-laws, and some members of his immediate family were present. On the other hand, Yu Ching, his sister Heng Shu and Chang Fei’s son Chang Shao Huai were unable to see him due to their conflicting schedules.

However, Yu Ching remained unaware of his death even up till Monday (Sep 25) while Heng Shu was notified right away. This was because it was part of his father’s wish for Yu Ching to fully concentrate on his work as he did not want his well-known filial son to cancel performances and disappoint the fans.

The 61-year-old singer had initially already wanted to postpone his concert at the Kaohsiung Arena on Sep 9 to spend time with Wu-hsi. However it was Wu-hsi’s insistence for him to return to the stage did the show carry on.

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Chang Fei also commended Yu Ching for always “gathering the whole family and having dinner together” every time he was back in Taiwan. He also said that before Yu Ching went overseas for his concerts, he wanted to visit Wu-hsi in the hospital but was told by Wu-hsi to focus on his work as he still had a job to do and did not need to bother about him.

“My siblings considerately waited for me to be done with work to inform me of my father’s passing. Although it is sad, I can take comfort in knowing that he had passed on peacefully. As his children, we have no regrets. As an artiste, I will always remember my father’s expectations and his teachings and work harder while moving forward. I will always keep my father in my memories. Thank you all for your concern”, wrote Yu Ching in a handwritten note on Monday night.

Chang Fei has also expressed the same sentiment where he said that his father had been a “good role model” and that as his children, they had only had “pride for their father”.

He further added that the family was already prepared for the situation as Wu-hsi had previously drawn up a will while he was conscious, with his family present as witnesses.

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