First catwalk on fashion runway terrifies Brigitte Lin

Veteran actress realised “this isn’t a game” in front of 300-strong audience

Brigitte Lin

Taiwanese actress Brigitte Lin (Lin Ching Hsia) took part in her first fashion runway, and the experience reduced the usually cool and collected performer to a nervous wreck.

During the August 29 episode “When Idols Become Supermodels” of Chinese reality programme Up Idol, Brigitte and other female artistes collaborated to put up a fashion runway show.

Brigitte, a 40-year veteran of film and television, experienced a rare moment of nervousness and stage fright, and was seen pacing about backstage, even bracing herself against the wall for support and breathing deeply.

She wore a red evening gown by a Chinese designer, and said that once she stepped out in front of an audience of 300 fashion industry insiders and media, she realised “this isn’t a game.” As it was her first fashion runway experience, she noted that she had remembered to pick up the way professional models catwalk with an expressionless mien.

Afterwards, Brigitte penned a personal essay that opened with, “Perhaps the idol that people know had disappeared, but the real me had arrived.”

She wrote that despite 40 years in the entertainment business, she’s afraid every time she faces a camera, but after taking part in the Up Idol segment she no longer fears the spotlight.

Brigitte added that she had experienced a personal breakthrough: “I stopped caring whether I was good-looking, what people said about me. I think it’s because I’ve accepted my true self, so I paid no mind to how I presented myself to others.”

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