Former Comic Boyz member Shone An passes away

The public was shocked to learn of the 31-year-old’s passing from liver cancer as he had kept it a secret

Former Comic Boyz member Shone An passes away

Former Comic Boyz member Shone An passed away at midnight yesterday (June 1) after losing his battle with liver cancer. He was 31.

Shone’s passing follows the death of his fellow group mate Arroy Shen from acute renal failure in 2012.

The public was overwhelmed by the sudden news of Shone’s passing as he was a guest on Taiwanese variety show Here Comes Kangxi last month and had appeared cheery on screen, albeit looking visibly thinner due to his condition.

However, Shone hinted of his illness as he shared on the show, “I have ever wondered that if I were to pass away one day, would anyone remember me?” While the 31-year-old, who had been battling cancer since the start of the year, did not reveal his illness, he shared that he had suffered from insomnia and required medication to curb the problem.

Former Comic Boyz member Shone An passes away

Since March, Shone, who had focused on expanding his career in China in recent years, also reduced his appearance on screen due to his worsening condition.

He even worried fans with his series of pessimistic posts on Weibo, a stark contrast to his bubbly and optimistic personality. He wrote depressingly, “Everything has come to naught, just like a fireworks show” and “I can only smile more when I feel like crying.”

In one of his last posts on Weibo, the actor wrote, “I realised I have unknowingly been living in the way that others want me to live in. From now on, I will work hard to live my life my way.”

Yesterday, netizens and Shone’s celebrity friends poured out their condolences online after learning of his passing. Wang Xiaofei, actress Barbie Hsu’s husband, wrote on his Weibo, “Shone, your brothers and sisters around you will always remember you. Tonight, we are praying that you will be taken to a place free from pain.”

He continued, “You have always brought joy to us in the eight years I have known you. Thank you for introducing Barbie to me. May you rest in peace. We will never forget you.”

Former Comic Boyz member Shone An passes away

Taiwanese actress Ady An had also taken a break from filming in China to rush home to catch a glimpse of Shone, her closest celebrity buddy, before he passed on.

She wrote touchingly on Weibo, “Knowing you for 10 years has enriched my life and given me a lot of joy and positivity. I knew you were waiting to see me for the last time before you turn into an angel to watch over us. Don’t miss me, just have fun in heaven. Let’s meet again in our next life.” 

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