Gary Chaw had a wedding banquet in secret?

The singer let slip that he finally had his wedding ceremony last year


Taiwan-based Malaysian singer Gary Chaw caught paparazzi off guard yesterday (July 3) when he disclosed in an interview that he had finally thrown a wedding banquet last year, after tying the knot with his wife, Wu Sou Ling, eight years ago.

When probed about the details of the wedding ceremony, the singer grew cautious and simply brushed off the questions and answered, “That’s not important, but we had the ceremony already. It was low-profile”.

Sou Ling also told the media that she did not get a NT$10 million (approximately S$427,500) wedding ring, but instead received another present, a diamond encrusted bangle from Gary. Gary promised to inform the reporters if he plans to have another wedding ceremony for the media anytime soon.

The couple’s marriage reportedly hit a snag when Sou Ling moved out with their two children two years ago due to Gary’s over reliance on alcohol and his drunken outbursts. The 37-year-old singer has since quit drinking and was forgiven by his wife after an elaborate wedding proposal

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