Gary Chaw shocks fans with post about divorce

The married singer had asked his fans for their opinions on divorce


Malaysian singer Gary Chaw gave his fans a shock earlier this morning (October 14), when he suddenly posted on Facebook, “Divorce… what are your thoughts on it?”

Fans of Gary, who is currently happily married with two children, immediately started leaving their comments on his post, asking him to “reconsider it”, thinking that he wanted to divorce his wife.

Later, the 37-year-old posted again to clear things up, writing, “My wife and I are not willing [to divorce], we hope that [our] loved ones can continue working hard”. He later followed up with another post that confirmed that the couple is doing well, to the relief of his fans.

Gary and his wife registered their marriage eight years ago, without any fanfare or ceremony. Earlier this year, Gary booked an entire movie theatre for a surprise proposal and he also spent three months and a large amount of money to gather over 100 people to produce a proposal video for his wife.


Photos: PBE Media

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