‘Get Out Of Popu Lady’ elimination campaign accused of being rigged

Fans reveal voting strategy that keeps the 5-piece Taiwanese girl group intact

Popu Lady 1

‘Get Out Of Popu Lady,’ the project to eliminate the lowest-scoring member of the five-piece Taiwanese pop group Popu Lady, ended on Sunday. All five members were retained, after the poll results showed the two members with the lowest number of votes had tied.

HIM International Music, the group’s record label, was accused of rigging the results as part of an elaborate publicity stunt to gain more exposure for the girl group, but label’s director, Shi Rencheng, emphasised the voting process had been fair and transparent.

Some fans of Popu Lady came forward with details of their voting strategy: They had matched the votes going towards members Dayuan and Yushan so that they would be tied, thus protecting all five members from elimination.

Popu Lady 2

Though Dayuan and Yushan garnered the same number of votes, they pulled the lowest number of votes, but HIM International Music decided not to eliminate anyone in the end. Shi Rencheng said, “I know the voting results will inspire gossip that the whole elimination contest was a farce, but we’re willing to bear that because our conscience is clear.”

The elimination campaign was launched in September to downsize the group to a quartet and retain the more talented members.

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