Gigi Lai’s daughters make rare appearance

The former actress shared photos from her outing with family and friends

gigi lai

Former Hong Kong actress Gigi Lai made the news recently when she and her three daughters appeared in a picture uploaded by her good friend Yeh Ying, during a family outing. This was one of the rare times that the faces of Gigi’s three daughters could be seen as she rarely posts photos of them on social media to respect their privacy.

The three young girls looked very feminine in their white outfits as they posed for pictures with their family as well as Yeh Ying and her husband. They appeared shy and reserved as they stuck together as a group, and kept close to their parents. One of the photos saw them posing sitting down beside a cake, while the other was of them standing on a scooter.

Gigi lai1

Many were quick to point out the resemblance to their father, businessman Patrick Ma, both in terms of appearance and personality.

Yeh Ying also showed her support for Gigi as she praised the 46-year-old for being “both beautiful on the inside and out” after she made the sacrifice of leaving showbiz to run her brother’s dermatology company after his accident so that he could still fulfil his dream.

The chairman of NALCO also added that prior to announcing their marriage back in 2008, Gigi and Patrick had already been dating secretly for eight years. They later went on to welcome twin girls, Pricia and Gianna in 2010 and a third daughter, Pegella in 2012.

Photos: PBE Media

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