Hannah Quinlivan touched by daughter’s behaviour

The 2-year-old helped to take care of her baby brother

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Taiwanese model-actress Hannah Quinlivan posted a rare picture of her 1-month-old son online yesterday, with a guest appearance from her daughter, 2-year-old Hathaway Chou.

In the picture, Hannah is in the midst of changing the baby boy’s diaper on a sofa. At the bottom right corner of the picture, near the baby’s head, Hathaway’s little hand can be seen reaching out to support the baby bottle that her baby brother is drinking from.

After seeing the picture, Hannah could not help to gush about her kids in her caption, writing, “Following the arrival of [the] younger brother, [the] older sister has also grown up, and knows how to help her mother take care of her younger brother. Although you may get a little jealous sometimes, when the both of you grow up, you’ll become each other’s biggest pillars of support.”

Hannah and Jay tied the knot in 2015 before they welcomed the arrival of their daughter, Hathaway, to the family in the same year. Hannah got pregnant last year, after recovering from her ovary disorder, and delivered a baby boy last month.

Photos: PBE Media

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