Harlem Yu congratulates Annie Yi on the birth of her daughter

The actress-singer had gone through many hardships during her pregnancy


Taiwanese actress-singer Annie Yi gave birth to her second child, a daughter nicknamed ‘Xiao Mi Li’ or ‘Little Rice Grain’ in America on Monday, with her husband, Chinese actor Qin Hao taking to Weibo to announce the safe arrival of his daughter.

Yesterday, Annie posted on Weibo to give everyone an update on her newborn daughter, writing, “Little Rice Grain is such a good child. [She] drank so much breastmilk, her face turned red! With her in my arms, it feels like everything was worth it. In the future, you’ll be Mummy’s little best friend, your older brother’s little toy, and your father’s little princess. Dear friends, when I am more rested, I will bring Little Rice Grain [out] to chat with all of you. Thank you for all your love and blessings." 


Annie’s first husband, Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu, also conveyed his well wishes through his manager, with a short and sweet, ‘Congratulations!”. The ex-couple have a son, Harrison together. The 13-year-old, who was born in America as well, had accompanied his mother to America too.

It was also reported that Annie had gone to great lengths in order to safely deliver her daughter, as her pregnancy was considered high-risk due to her age. The 46-year-old had once wanted to “break up” with Qin Hao, who was more than a decade younger than her, as it was hard for her to get pregnant. The couple had tried various ways to get pregnant, from consulting a gynaecologist, to getting a surrogate mother, and even injecting ovulation drugs into her body. 

Ironically, after all these different methods failed, Annie managed to finally get pregnant naturally, although the pregnancy itself wasn’t easy as well. The actress-singer had suffered from high blood pressure and was also at risk of suffering from pre-eclampsia. While the actress-singer’s friends and doctors had advised Annie to give birth via Cesarean section when she was six months pregnant due to the risks involved in a natural birth, Annie managed to carry her daughter to full term and give birth safely as well.

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Annie Yi gives birth to a baby girl
Annie Yi to give birth in America
Annie Yi due to give birth early next month

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