Has G.E.M found love?

The singer was spotted holding hands with an unnamed male


Ever since her much-publicised breakup with fellow singer Yoga Lin in 2014, G.E.M’s love life has been put under the spotlight, especially as Yoga moved on and tied the knot with his girlfriend, Kiki Ting earlier this year.

On Tuesday (April 18), pictures of a G.E.M lookalike in Shibuya, Japan was posted online, drawing much attention from netizens, as she was holding hands with an unnamed male while crossing the road.

While the picture was too blurry for the fans to make out any facial features, they noticed that the female was wearing a camouflage jacket similar to the one G.E.M was wearing in a photo she posted on Weibo that very day.

According to an insider, the man beside G.E.M is a Mark, a stylist. The duo reportedly have a very good relationship as well.


When asked to comment on the pictures, G.E.M’s first reaction was, “I know that my thighs are big, [the photographer] made me look too ugly,” mirroring the comments of her fans, who could not help but to complain about the bad angle of the pictures.

The 25-year-old’s managers also confirmed that the female in the pictures was indeed G.E.M, but they declined to comment further about her relationship status.

In an earlier interview, G.E.M also shared that she will not be going public with any of her relationships, unless they decide to get married.

Photos: PBE Media

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