Has Natalie Tong moved on from Tony Hung?

The couple announced their split on Tuesday


After months of speculation, celebrity couple Natalie Tong and Tony Hung took to their respective Instagram accounts to announce that they had split amicably after dating for two years.

Natalie uploaded a picture of a sunset, captioning it, “[It’s] very hard to explain our problems one by one”. However, she stopped short of giving a reason for their breakup.

Tony also uploaded a picture of his official statement on Instagram, where he clarified that the duo did not break up due to the presence of a third party, nor was it because they had clashed when it came to matters regarding marriage.

Natalie has always been regarded as “a great catch” by the media, while Tony was not favourably looked upon. The actress has also hinted before that she wishes to tie the knot soon, even writing on her Facebook that she wishes to have children. However, Tony, who is 3 years her junior, has always been said to be against the idea of starting a family. Thus, it was rumoured that the couple had split due to their differing views when it came to settling down.

An insider, however, shared that Natalie has since moved on from Tony, and has been dating Lu Qibang, an executive at a Hong Kong company Sun Century Group, for a month.

According to the insider, Natalie was still in a relationship with Tony, when she began accepting the advances of Qibang. Tony only knew of Natalie’s relationship with Qibang when he read the news.

Qibang had previously announced his intentions to woo Natalie, and was spotted chatting and taking pictures together with the actress at a dinner held in January this year.

It was also reported that Natalie and Tony had officially broken up a few weeks earlier, and that the top executives at TVB, whom Natalie is contracted under, had advised them to publicise the news as soon as possible, lest they get falsely accused of cheating. However, the duo had refused to do so, until recently. Natalie and Tony were also noticeably separated from each other at a TVB event in March, though Tony assured the media that their romance was not on the rocks.

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