Hawick Lau’s cheating scandal a sham by paparazzi

The actor was previously accused of cheating on wife, Yang Mi, with drama co-star Angel Wang


After what seemed like an entire fiasco of denials and accusations, Chinese paparazzo Zhuo Wei admitted in a Chinese variety show, Ting Wo Shuo (loosely translated as Listen To Me) that he had fabricated evidence and accused Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau of cheating on his wife, Yang Mi.

The 42 year-old was previously accused of having an affair with drama Full Love co-star Angel Wang (also known as Wang Ou) as they were spotted having meals together regularly and Zhuo Wei also claimed to have evidence of the pair’s affair when Hawick allegedly spent four hours alone with Angel in her hotel room.

Zhuo Wei, who calls himself ‘China’s top paparazzi’, confessed that he never did see the pair interacting intimately, but simply assumed that they were more than friends when he saw them having a meal together.


He had intended to force Hawick into admitting that he had divorced Yang Mi, but to Zhuo Wei’s dismay, his plans were foiled when rumours of the couple’s divorce was clouded by reports of the actor’s alleged cheating scandal.

Although neither Hawick, Yang Mi nor Angel responded to the paparazzi’s confession at press time, fans of the three have rushed to stand up for their idols and reprimanded Zhuo Wei online.

One comment wrote, “[You have] no morals”.

“What a lack of professionalism”, wrote another.

Photos: PBE Media

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