Hsu Fu Hsiang will not direct ‘Meteor Garden’

The ‘The Way We Were’ director was reported to be too distracted by his relationship with Ivy Chen

hsu fu hsiang

Chinese director Hsu Fu Hsiang has reportedly been dropped from the much-anticipated 2018 remake of Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden.

According to media reports, the director of hit Taiwanese drama series, The Way We Were, was removed from his position barely two months after filming started, because he was unable to achieve the desired ‘teenage love’ theme the original Japanese manga story intended.

It was also revealed that the director could not focus on his work since he started dating Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen.

According to staff, his mindset towards his work “changed”, causing the production team inconvenience.

Fu Hsiang was removed after several internal discussions between staff members. While they maintained that he is still a good director, they believed it is important for “the style of directing” to fit the story.

The award-winning director, who had promised audiences ‘a unique F4’, was uncontactable for comment after news of his removal broke out.

hsu fu hsiang 2

Fu Hsiang and Ivy had been spotted on dates over the past half a year, and the actress was also seen supporting Fu Hsiang on set when he was filming in Shanghai last November.

Photos: PBE Media

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