Hugo Wong admits to sleeping with fan

The actor has denied that he got her pregnant as he insists that he used a condom

Hugo Wong admits to sleeping with fan

Hong Kong actor Hugo Wong has landed himself in hot soup after a fan claimed that he slept with her twice and disappeared after getting her pregnant.

The 36-year-old’s popularity was on the rise after participating in drama OMG, Your Honour, but has been hit by the current scandal. Netizens were also quick to point out that Hugo was previously involved in rumours of an extra-marital affair with Japanese actress Hiromi Wada. The pair denied the rumours in 2016 after being reportedly spending the night together.

This time around, the 28-year-old woman involved in the scandal, who is only known to the media as Michelle, said that she met Hugo for the first time at his fan meeting in Guangzhou last year and they had sex for the first time in a Shenzhen hotel a week after.

Hugo Wong admits to sleeping with fan

After their first encounter, they didn’t contact each other until January this year, and agreed to meet in July. During their recent meeting, she claimed they had sex again, but Hugo disappeared soon after.

However, she realised that she was pregnant and attempted to contact Hugo multiple times, but failed to receive a response each time. When she revealed this, she declared that she wants him to “lose his job”, and played a recording of Hugo apologising while crying to back her story up.

Currently four months pregnant, Michelle wishes to get an abortion and mused, “Even though it’s dangerous, it’s best to get it done at the soonest”.

In response to Michelle’s claims, Hugo admitted that he had sex with her but claimed that they did it once, and that he “took safety precautions”. He added that he wanted to take his relationship with her to the next level, but denied that he is the father of her unborn child, saying that he is willing to undergo a paternity test to prove his innocence.

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