Is Aaron Kwok preparing to welcome a baby?

He is reported to have paid for a delivery suite at a private hospital despite a formal acknowledgement of his wife’s pregnancy

Is Aaron Kwok preparing to welcome a baby?

Is she, or is she not – pregnant, that is. Moka Fang, also known as Mrs. Aaron Kwok, was rumoured to be three months pregnant with the couple’s first child during their surprise wedding in April. Neither party has formally denied nor confirmed the claims, which has done nothing to dampen speculations on the maybe-baby.

Yesterday, Aaron is reported to have visited the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, a well-known private hospital, where he is said to have made payment for a premium delivery suite and ward, which costs up to HK$23,000 (S$4,150) a night. The package he is reported to have paid for consists of a four day, three night stay that costs HK$100,000 (S$18,000).

After holding his wedding banquet last month, Aaron has been busying himself with work and has yet to go on a honeymoon with Moka. According to Moka’s close friends, the Chinese model has been unable to adapt to life in Hong Kong and has flown back to her hometown, Shanghai, to be with her family as Aaron is currently based in Thailand, where he is filming a movie.

Although Moka is reported to have plans to fly back to Hong Kong before her delivery date in September, Aaron has spared no expense when it comes to his wife’s comfort and is said to have purchased a luxury home in Shanghai where she can live with her parents while preparing for motherhood.

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