Is Edison Chen’s girlfriend really pregnant?

The reportedly eight-months pregnant model showed off her slim figure in a recent post

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Hong Kong singer-actor Edison Chen’s girlfriend, Chinese model Qin Shupei supposedly hit the eight-month mark of her pregnancy one week ago, according to Hong Kong Apple Daily.

The 27-year-old is suspected to be pregnant although reports about it have not been verified by Edison and Shupei.

Throughout her suspected-pregnancy journey, the model refrained from uploading full-body shots of herself on her Instagram and Weibo accounts, and started wearing loose clothing. However, she took to Instagram on Sunday (March 19) to upload a group picture with her friends, showing off her slim figure, sparking speculations that she has given birth.


In said picture, Shupei looks as slim as ever, with no sign of a baby bump although she is dressed in loose clothing.

Confused netizens questioned the authenticity of her pregnancy news and the identity of her baby daddy.

Edison and Shupei’s relationship was revealed last year when they were spotted smooching on the streets. The singer-actor confirmed the news and admitted that he was “very happy now” and even went on a tirade against Lin Chiling on Shupei’s behalf, claiming that Chiling had sabotaged Shupei’s work opportunities.

In August last year, Edison purchased a luxury house in Los Angeles worth US$2.85 million (approximately S$3.99 million), supposedly in preparation for the arrival of their baby. The couple was also spotted shopping at a baby needs store in Japan, adding fuel to the fire.

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